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Brittney Au discusses AAPI Heritage Month with Ed Lee, Owner of Tableau Kitchen and Bar

Posted on May 28, 2022 | 3:19am | Travel Costa Mesa

Brittney Au discusses AAPI Heritage Month with Ed Lee, Owner of Tableau Kitchen and Bar

Brittney Au is a creative professional specializing in graphic design, a lifestyle content creator, food lover, and “accidental activist.” She grew up in Arcadia with her mother, father and brother and knew from a young age that she had the creative spirit within her. Brittney shares her food, home decor and fashion adventures on Instagram @BrittneyAu for her 23.8k followers. Brittney is also passionate about food and dining and worked with The Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA) on selecting Tableau Kitchen and Bar in South Coast Plaza for one of the AAPI Heritage Month Features that Travel Costa Mesa would be focusing on during the month of May.  Tableau has participated in fundraising events for OCAPICA, is dedicated to community involvement, and is centered around supporting non profit causes.  Ed Lee, owner of Tableau and other restaurants in the area, took the time to answer some of Brittney’s questions about food, culture, and community.

Brittney Au: “What does AAPI Heritage Month mean to you?”

Ed Lee: “First let me say that  I have been truly blessed  to have a rich and wonderful Asian heritage that I’m proud of. AAPI Heritage month means we as Asians and Pacific Islanders have the opportunity to share our rich culture with others through our business and special events. There are so many great events throughout OC which  means I can also learn about other Asian and Pacific Islander cultures.”

Brittney Au: “In what ways has your culture shaped your identity?”

Ed Lee: “I am Chinese born in Brazil so my culture is a mix and it has shaped my identity as an immigrant to the U.S.A. I embrace my roots knowing the difficulties that previous generations have gone through to make a better life for my generation. My values, my work ethic, my motivation to help others and my gratitude in life all have a connection to my culture, my parents and my faith in God.”

Brittney Au: “What advice do you have for the AAPI Community?”

Ed Lee: “Let’s continue to embrace our culture and share it with others, pass it on to the next generation, and learn from one another.”

Brittney Au: “Why did you choose Costa Mesa to have your business?”

Ed Lee: “Costa Mesa is a great shopping and food destination — it has become the food Mecca of OC.”

Brittney Au: “OCAPICA was part of selecting you for this feature because of the work you have done with them.  Can you share about your work with them and all your other philanthropic initiatives at Tableau?”

Ed Lee: “I have worked to support OCAPICA  via my other restaurants Wahoo’s and Toast Kitchen & Bakery. In the early years working with OCAPICA, I was able to use my connections in OC to bring other restaurateurs onboard to participate in the newly formed Tastemakers event. Since then, the event has grown every year and is the one event I personally enjoy the most. Tableau has only been open for four months and in the short time we have been open, we have done charitable work with Vocational Visions, Uncork for Hope, Illumination Foundation and National Charity League. Our large custom table which seats 12 was made specifically to help us fundraise for worthy charities. We call it the Giving Table because it allows us to donate dinners to be auctioned off at charity galas. We are honored to be participating at OCAPICA’s Tastemakers event Wednesday September 14 , 2022.”

Travel Costa Mesa thanks Brittney Au for sharing her adventures touring Costa Mesa on our Travel Costa Mesa Instagram.  Thanks to Ed Lee and the Tableau Kitchen and Bar team for sharing his responses with us, and OCAPICA for supporting our efforts in amplifying AAPI voices during AAPI Heritage Month.  OCAPICA will be hosting their Tastemakers fundraiser event on Wednesday, September 14.  Join the OCAPICA newsletter for updates on ticket information coming this summer.