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Best Record Stores in Costa Mesa

Posted on January 9, 2019 | 10:41am | Travel Costa Mesa

What goes around comes around and few industries serve as such a shining examples as good old fashioned vinyl records. While they’ve always been a treasured preference of music aficionados, recent years have brought a renewed appreciation for the sound that vinyl produces…and the way they impress your friends sitting on your shelf.

No matter what your reason is for collecting them – we’re not judging – here are the four best places to find records in Costa Mesa.


Factory Records

Hidden behind a clothing boutique and clock shop in Eastside Costa Mesa, what Factory Records lacks in real estate it makes up for in heart and diversity. The tiny shop has a classic record shop feel, where you can sift through bins of hundreds of vintage, original pressings and small-time labels to find your new favorite albums and well-loved discount records. 

440 E. 17th St.

Port of Sound Record Shoppe

This hole in the wall record shop is sandwiched between a pizza joint and coffee shop in an unassuming retail center in Costa Mesa’s Mesa Verde neighborhood. The store is known for an expansive collection, covering nearly any and all genres, and a no-ego approach to helping you find what you’re looking for.

1500 Adams Ave.

Crème Tangerine

Crème Tangerine is both music label and record store based out of The LAB in the SoBeCa District. The selection of vinyl is highly curated by owner Parker Macy, and while the shop may not offer every print it delivers a unique experience as you flip through stacks in the repurposed Airstream trailer.

2930 Bristol St.


While it’s not the traditional record shop, you’re still likely to find a few reasonably priced collection staples at SecondSpin. The shop offers “everything music” so you’ll find a high concentration of CDs, but head to the vinyl section for just about any classic record you could think a new collector would need to get started.

1781 Newport Blvd.