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Boudin Bakery – A Whif of Heaven

Posted on February 16, 2010 | 9:00am | Travel Costa Mesa

Just walking by Boudin Bakery is like a whif of heaven. You can smell the  sourdough bread baking in the South Coast Plaza corridors.

Boudin is a nice place to stop for a nice quick lunch. They serve sandwiches, soup, salad, and pastries and are known for their sourdough bread and clam chowder. I can easily eat here twice a week because of the convenience of being so close to the parking lot and the low prices of the food.

I recommend any of the sandwiches paired with a bowl of chowder or spring mix salad. There’s a Boudin Combo where you can choose two from a salad, soup, or sandwich.

I normally stick with the Chicken Pesto Sandwich.  It comes on a sourdough baguette with chicken, arugula, tomato, pesto and vinaigrette dressing. I always ask them to add Havarti cheese and onions on it. If you don’t like baguettes, they have a fluffy croissant that goes great with the sandwich.  All their sandwiches are fresh and nicely put together.

The soups will warm you up on a cold day.  Their Tomato Basil and Clam Chowder is perfect with their sourdough bread bowls. They also have different soups depending on the season, so they are always changing their soup specials. If you’re not into the whole soup, sandwich, salad deal, they have burgers there also! They used to have pizzas and pastas, but I’m assuming they weren’t popular because they cut them from the menu.

The prices are pretty decent, a meal will run you from $7-$10, depending on what you get. The best bargain here is the Boudin Combo, which is about  $7.50 I believe. You can’t beat that price for a good quick lunch in South Coast Plaza or their other location right across the street at Metro Pointe.